Skip the hassle and direct your dedicated Buyer Specialist to video the key rooms and features that pique your interest.

How do video showings work?

You get the unfiltered truth from the device of a true expert Buyer Specialist whose only interest is in finding the right home for you! Video showings help you find the right home faster!

1. Send us your list of homes

Select your favorites on

2. Select key areas to video

Request key areas & features to video

3. Sit back & relax while we work

See the unfiltered truth 

Benefits Of Video Showings

Save Time

Most buyers tour 6 – 9 homes to narrow down the final 2 or 3 best.

Find the right one faster!

Get The Truth

Listings agents show the highlights of a property, we discover the real details.

See the authentic view!

Skip The Hassle

Skip the hassle of scheduling tours and ask us to be your eyes and ears.

Click and it’s done!