Understanding Transitions

A Guide to How We Serve New Home Builders

Path & Post, marks a lot of properties for sale by planting posts in the ground. But what sets our team apart; we realize we only achieve our goals by helping others achieve their goals.

What’s it like to work with Path & Post?

We Stand Upon Our Values

We believe behavior is the truest form of communication and values are what drive behavior. The RUG we stand upon is what matters most.


Respect forms the foundation of solid, healthy, and meaningful human interactions.


Unity is not the same as uniformity. Uniformity is when it all looks the same. Unity is where we all feel the same.

Golden Rule +

Simply doing for others what is good and right for them. Treating others the way they want to be treated, not how we want to be treated.


Turn Information Into Insight


5 Key Factors When Positioning a Property


Too low, lose money.
Too high, lose the sale.


A key search filter for all buyers. We can’t change this.


Terms enhance price.
Simple to complex.


Largest audience of buyers, not just lookers.


Unique Selling Position compared to comparable properties and buyer expectations.

Marketing & Management Details

Digital First Marketing

95% of all buyers search for homes online. Real estate home search has moved from the car to the couch.

Sometimes people ask us about flyers in an info box. Flyers are not a good idea with today’s much improved marketing options, see http://www.pathpost.com/modern. Digital marketing is also better tracking buyer activity and follow up, and where home photos look the best.

On Site Agents

We are capable of staffing agents on-site, but only on weekends when traffic is relevant. We also require our builders to supply a furnished model for our on-site agents.

Real Service Matters

Your results and client experience matter most. We are committed to delivering personalized service. See our reviews on Zillow.

Custom Content

Whether it’s a Buyer Guide, Vendor Guide, Drone Photography, Marketing Videos or Specifically Targeted Blog Content – having in-house designers, writers, marketers, and equipment makes a huge difference in reaching and converting a target audience.

See for yourself…
Path & Post Blog
YouTube Channel
Facebook Page

Path & Post creates a complete experience for you and your buyers. We leverage technology and focus on service. The results speak for themselves.

Professional Photography

Which house would you want to see first? This is actually the same exact house. Investing in professional photography can be the difference between getting overlooked or getting an offer.

New Homes Success

Path & Post team members have a track record of success working with New Homes.

Bradshaw Glen

Spencer-Love Homes. Custom single-family homes from the $400s.

Sable Point & Lakestone

DR Horton. Alpharetta & Villa Rica projects from $170s to $300s.

Creekside, Dogwood Farms, & Venture-Silver Creek

Venture Homes. Kennesaw, Powder Springs, & Austell projects from $180s to $280s

Digital Base Camp

All leads are sent to pathpost.com for the best search experience. We can also track clicks, favorites, and shares in order to gauge buyer interest.

pathpost.com is designed to showcase your property better than any other site. Other real estate sites serve as outposts directing activity to pathpost.com. Here we track clicks, favorites, and shares in order to gauge buyer interest.


pathpost.com is optimized to work on any device. any time.

Buyers can check the price, view photos, and see details of any home with a few clicks or taps. This replaces the need to call an agent, and wait on them to call back. Or worse, get stuck listening to computer recorded info or trying to grab a flyer from an empty box.

World Class Website

We invest thousands of dollars each month to ensure our real estate website is optimized for the best search experience, see for yourself at pathpost.com

We spend thousands of dollars each month to showcase your property on key third party real estate portals.


Our Personalized Process

Consumer Inquires

Whether it’s online or via phone, our system works immediately and connects the right person.

Active Database

Managers monitor database in real-time to ensure action on all opportunities.

Lead Placement

All inquiries are designated for immediate follow-up by a Path & Post Buyer Specialist.

Active Database

Our collaborative culture ensures vacation or illness never leaves you without expert representation.


Qualified Priority

We separate buyers from lookers to ensure qualified prospects view your home.

Team Brokerage

Being a team and an independent brokerage ensure we get all the brokerage inquiries on your property.

Custom Follow-Up

Our system tracks every detail from lead source to type of device to # of property views.

Specialized Experts

Whether it’s buying, selling, marketing, negotiating, or building better customer experiences, our specialists ensure a smooth process and great experience for you.

What is the difference between a General Brokerage and a Team Brokerage?

General Brokerage



Everything is measured in numbers such as volume and units. The client experience is lost when people become numbers.


Agent Centric

General brokers succeed by recruiting agents and selling them the same training for a one size fits all approach.



Most agents try to be all things to all people. General brokers make this worse by giving their agents cookie cutter templates.


Churn & Burn

General agents get a bad reputation due to spammy marketing techniques from high turnover and failure rates.


Free Agents

It’s every agent for themselves with the hope they figure it out and make the broker some money.

Team Brokerage



Designing a custom service delivery process leads to more sales than doing it the opposite way.


Client Centric

Focusing on the client experience aligns broker, agent, and client goals properly.



Team members develop specific expertise by focusing on critical areas of a real estate transition.


Relationship Building

Retention rates remain high and referrals increase when clients rave about their experience.


Expert Support

Every team member knows their role and supports each other to create success for our clients.


Our experience with contract negotiations on over 250+ transactions per year means we understand the market and know how to make a deal work to earn our clients more money.

More than half of real estate agents are part time and the average local agent does 3.7 transactions per year. Path & Post agents are 7x more productive as our team members average 27 transactions per year. We have the most productive agents in the area!

The best agents save you time and money from Contract Negotiation to Closing.

Watch Your Step!
There Are Many Moving Parts in a Real Estate Transaction. That’s Why We Are Here to Help Guide You to a Successful Transition.

Our Work. Their Words.

We Obtain Our Goals By Helping You Reach Yours

Our success begins with yours. We understand regardless of how many times we’ve completed a task, it’s still a unique experience for each client. No matter how many awards we win, we must earn your business every time.

We always seek to understand your goals, find ways to add value every step, and earn great reviews.

Proven Results

The average agent in our market closes 3.7 transactions per year. Our Path & Post Team closes over 250+ per year for an average of 27 transactions per agent.


We believe a united team of agent and builder create the best experience for a buyer’s transition.

Unique Experience

Everything we do starts with your path in mind. Understanding your goals helps us apply relevant insights to create custom solutions.

Amazing Results

As the top team in our local area and a 5 Star Rated Service Provider on Zillow, you get the service you deserve and the results you need.

Locally Owned & Operated

When you work with Path & Post you not only get the most productive agents in the market, but you also get access to the owners and leaders of the brokerage. No corporate bureaucracy. No franchise roadblocks. No cookie cutter processes.

Path & Post offers locally connected leaders with the freedom to innovate and agility to react quickly to shifts in the market.

Meet Becky & Brad

Becky Babcock & Brad Nix bring a lifelong focus of building relationships and adding value to the community they serve. Combined, they have served their community as President of the Cherokee Association of Realtors, Board of Directors and Fundraising Chair for the Rotary Club of Canton, Member of the Cherokee County Board of Education, and Volunteer with the Office of Economic Development. Path & Post Real Estate sponsors the annual Cherokee County Teacher of the Year Banquet and the local festival for Greenprints Alliance that builds community trails. Networking is a large part of Becky & Brad’s community presence, where they share friendships and volunteer alongside leaders in government, law enforcement, business, education, and media/journalism.

LinkedIn: Becky Babcock | Brad Nix